Budget 2014: what you'll receive and when

George Osborne will give his Budget 2014 statement to Parliament on Wednesday 19 March.

Here's everything you need to know about the service we provide for publishing and website clients.

Expectations news story

Before the Chancellor makes his speech, we'll publish a news story rounding up the measures that business and personal finance commentators are calling for and expecting.

Website domain provider downtime this morning

If you experienced any issues with your website this morning, it could be related to some downtime of domain provider "".

It looks like their systems are back up again, but we haven't seen any update from them yet as to what caused the issue. We'll update this article as and when we find out more.

It’s all in the planning – a digital strategy helps you cope over summer

The general thinking is that business shuts down over summer – any many firms slow or stop their marketing or client communication. But things are changing – recent volatility across the markets may signal an end to the traditionally quiet summer months…A good digital strategy can help you cope.
Put simply, when you have a strategy and plan in place you can quickly and efficiently communicate relevant news and information to your clients and prospects.
Here’s an example:

Blog: Simple copy that gets to the point

I recently watched, in an embarrassingly short space of time, the first series of Mad Men. Being a keen sartorialist, not to mention a professional writer and editor, it was inevitable that I'd fall madly in love with the show. Which I have done.

Fresh ideas for website content

Everyone seems to be talking about content marketing - but what can you write about? How do you create a piece of content that is related to your firm and the services you offer that people feel compelled to read? At PracticeWEB, we know that clients can often struggle to find inspiration for new content. So here are some of the places in which you can look for the inspiration to write quality online content:

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